Jen Heilemann

Internet Explorer is Dead. Long Live Internet Explorer!
A short tutorial on how to download, upgrade, and profit.

Internet Explorer 6 and 7 are outdated programs, broken and insecure. They’ve had a good life, but now it’s time to put them to rest. IE6, god rest her soul, is nearing her 10th birthday, and IE7 his 5th. It is time: time for us as a people to unite in our mourning and then let these poor ancient programs go.

In the interest of promoting the grieving process and speeding everyone’s recovery, I am offering a brief tutorial on the process of upgrading to the latest available version.

Step One: Download

If your operating system is Windows XP, you’ll need Internet Explorer 8. If it’s Windows Vista or Windows 7, you’ll need Internet Explorer 9. Pick the language that you want to install, and your version of Windows, then click the download button.

Save the file where you can find it, or click "Run" when the download is completed to start the install.

Step Two: Install

Follow the prompts. There may be a few minutes of waiting as your new Internet Explorer gets accustomed to his surroundings and settles in.

He’ll probably want you to restart your computer too, so he can make some final adjustments and lick everything while you aren’t looking. Patience.

Step Three: Profit

Open your new Internet and enjoy a faster, safer, and prettier World Wide Web!

Originally published on Thursday, April 28, 2011.